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This page will be mostly for the benefit of Dungeon Masters, but players can still get some information about the various monsters of Dungeonland. =Normal Monsters=My basic staff members! I'm coming for you heroes!"dungeon master"PS:you too Dalton Yates!hahahahha!

These are your most basic minions. They will be spawned randomly on the map and by monster spawners. You may also draw cards that will allow you to manually spawn a group of them. Don't expect too much out of them. All the same, it is good to know what they are capable of.


[edit] Dragon

Dungeonland dragon.jpg

Cost: Free

Attack type: Ranged

Abilities: None

Weak but fast ranged monster. Fast attack speed, medium damage. Very low health.

[edit] Wizard

Dungeonland wizard.jpg

Cost: Free

Attack type: Melee

Abilities: Lightning

Very weak melee monster. It can use Lightning for a short range stun. Spawns in high numbers. Medium attack speed. Low damage. Very low health.

[edit] Imp

Cost: Free

Attack type: Melee

Abilities: Charge

A slow but strong melee monster. Uses a spear and shield. It can charge for a high damage attack. The shield protects it from damage in the front. When the shield breaks, it switches to a lower damage mace and can no longer charge. Slow attack speed, medium damage. Medium health.

[edit] Dire Duck

Cost: 1200

Attack type: Melee

Abilities: Spin

Strong melee monster. Sleeps until you disturb it. Has a special spin attack. Spin makes it move much faster and does very high damage. Also causes knockback. Slow attack speed, medium damage. High health.

[edit] Orc Berserker

Cost: 600

Attack type: Melee

Abilities: Rage

A medium attack and speed monster. It enrages at half health to increase movement speed and attack speed. Medium Health

[edit] Monkey Commander

Cost: 1500

Attack type: Ranged

Abilities: Command - Leap, Command - Throw

Medium strength ranged monster. When they use a command, all nearby monkeys will use that ability. They can only be spawned manually, or by a monster spawner. Medium attack speed, low damage. Medium health.

[edit] Monkey

Cost: (Comes with Monkey Commander)

Attack type: Melee

Abilities: Leap, Throw

These are weak melee monsters. They spawn in your map if you have Monkey Commanders selected. They can be commanded to use a leap attack and ranged attack. They can not use any abilities without a commander. Medium attack speed, low damage. Low Health.

[edit] Skeleton Archer

Cost: 900

Attack type: Ranged

Abilities: None

Weak ranged monster. Spawns in high numbers. Medium attack speed, low damage. Low health.

[edit] Troll

Cost: 900

Attack type: Melee

Abilities: Slam

Very strong and slow melee monster. Has an area ground slam that stuns. Regenerates Health. Medium attack damage, slow attack speed, slow movement speed. High health.

[edit] Killer Bee

Cost: 1000

Attack type: Ranged

Abilities: None

Weak but high damage ranged monster. Projectile speed is slow. High attack damage, medium attack speed. Has medium health.

[edit] Special Monsters

Stronger than your average monster, specials are generally much more dangerous for heroes. Because of this, they can only be spawned by using a DM card.

[edit] Rabbit Breeder

Cost: Free

Attack Type: Ranged

Abilities: Summon bunnies, Teleport

Rabbit Breeders are a very high damage ranged monsters. It has a strong ranged attack that also knocks back. It can spawn a group of bunnies that explode on contact with a player. It can also teleport to any location, though it takes time to cast.

[edit] Phoenix

Cost: Free

Attack type: Ranged

Abilities: Transform

The phoenix has two forms, a baby and adult form. Both have different attacks.

"Baby" Phoenix

This is form the phoenix will be when it spawns. It moves fast and has a long range beam attack that deals damage in a line. After 15 seconds, it can transform into an adult Phoenix.

"Adult" Phoenix

When a phoenix changes to an adult it can no longer move normally. It can only use its jump attack to move and damage anything it lands on. After 15 seconds, it can transform into a baby phoenix.

[edit] Ninja Ratman

Cost: 1200

Attack type: Ranged

Abilities: Poison Bomb

The ninja ratman is a fast ranged monster. Its basic attack is a shuriken that splits into 3 after it travels a short distance. It can also throw poison bombs that leave a cloud for a few seconds. When the ninja ratman dies, it explodes dealing poison damage to anyone near it.

[edit] Giant Spider

Cost: 3000

Attack Type: Melee

Abilities: Web Shot, Leap

The giant spider is a deadly melee monster that specializes in assassinating weak players. It has a slow but powerful melee attack. It can shoot web that stuns the first player it hits. Allies can attack the webbed player to release him. It also has a very long range jump ability.

[edit] Stalkers

Cost: 1400

Attack Type: Melee

Abilities: None

Stalkers are melee monsters spawned in groups of 3. They have no special abilities, however they are always stealthed until they attack. Their attack also causes a short stun.

[edit] Bosses

These are the most powerful monsters a Dungeon Maestro has at his disposal. When the heroes reach the end of the dungeon, you will personally take control of a boss of your choosing. Equipped with many abilities and minions, they are prepared to destroy any heroes who dare cross their paths.

[edit] The Mind Squid

The Mind Squid is a Large spellcasting squid who aims to show you that age matters not when it comes to hero killing. He is supported by various minions depending on your Evil Plan. He is slightly more fragile than other bosses but this is offset by his selection of abilities that confuse and misdirect enemy attacks. He has access to the following special abilities.

LMB: Burst

Your default ability, creates a small burst in melee range dealing moderate damage and with moderate knockback. Low Cooldown.

RMB: Shadow Lines

Fires out multiple dark energy bolts that travel in random lines away from The Mind Squid. Deals moderate damage. Moderate Cooldown.

E: Barrier

Creates a Dome-shaped Barrier around The Mind Squid, reducing ranged damage he takes. Chance to confuse heroes that enter the field, changing their controls, and reversing all movement orders. Moderate Cooldown.

Q: Vaccuum

Creates a reverse shockwave that sucks all heroes closer to The Mind Squid. Dangerous when combined with Barrier or Shadow Lines. Moderate Cooldown.

Spacebar: Shadow Leap

Gathers dark energy, then leaps a great distance across the arena, dealing moderate damage with low knockback if a hero is struck. Low cooldown.

Ultra: Mirror Images

Creates Three identical, Low Health, copies of The Mind Squid, all of which act independant of the actual Mind Squid, and all are able to utilize the same selection of abilities. Randomly teleports The Mind Squid to one of four spawn points (His initial spawn point in the top of the room, the left or right side of the room, or opposite his spawn on the bottom.) and spawns the clones in the remaining locations. Can become usable while clones are still up, which is the real danger of this Ultra. Inability to deal with clones promptly can cause you to be overrun by the combination of abilities and minions spawning to assist.

Burn Phase

Upon reaching low health (Roughly 20% Health remaining), The Mind Squid spontaneously catches fire, increasing his damage output and his cooldown reduction. This ability damages him constantly over time, and as such requires The Mind Squid to go on the offensive as much as possible. If the heroes can stay sane long enough this ability will guarantee their victory.

[edit] The Beerholder

LMB Fires a spread of 3 medium-speed, medium-damage green orbs

RMB Lobs a long range, long-lasting, and slightly larger AOE version of the beer tower attack

Q Long charge-up massive-damage AOE attack centered on Beerholder. You are very slow while it charges. Great for camping downed heroes. It WILL kill any of your own minions in the area of effect.

E Summons a random beholder minion at your location there seem to be several types.

Spacebar A teleport of sorts, seems to just be an escape to one four the 4 spawns

ULTIMATE No idea. It causes rays to come from his minions to himself, not sure what they do. It lasts a very long time.

Burn Phase Beerholder fires single LMB bolts in random directions rapidly.

[edit] The Elder Dragon

The Elder Dragon is a very old but powerful fire dragon that has been waiting a long time to toast some heroes. He is supported by many baby dragons, but he more equipped to handle heroes himself. He focuses on direct attacks. He has access to the following special abilities.

LMB: Slam

Your standard attack, Elder Dragon jumps up and slams that ancient butt on the ground, damaging and knocking back any nearby heroes. Short Cooldown.

RMB: Whacking Cane

Another basic attack, you slam your staff down in front of you, damaging and knocking back any heroes it hits. Short Cooldown.

E: Fire Beam

Breath out a beam of fire on the ground which you can move around with your cursor to damage heroes. The beam also leaves a trail of fire behind it, burning any heroes who enter it. Lasts about 10 seconds. Moderate Cooldown.

Q: Deep Breath

Inhale with the power of a dragon, pulling in any heroes in front of you. Short Cooldown.

Spacebar: Aerial Strike

Leap across the battlefield, breathing down fire as you travel, dealing damage and knockback to any heroes beneath you. Moderate Cooldown.

Burn Phase

When the Elder Dragon reaches ~20% health, the outer ring of the arena ignites, damaging any heroes who touch it.

[edit] Hippo the Griffon

Hippo the Griffon is a large Hippopotamus wearing a Jetpack on his back. He can use this to take flight for periods of time to harass heroes. Hippo is supported by squads of small Dire Ducks that do not have the ability to spin, unlike their larger counterparts found throughout Dungeonland. He has access to the following special abilities.

LMB: Combo Punch

Your standard attack, Hippo punches the target in a small frontal arc and can chain three punches together. The Third punch will hit for slightly more damage and cause knockback, useful for interrupting hero revival. Short Cooldown.

RMB: Orb

Creates a large orb that travels in the direction you are facing, causes average damage and knockback. Short Cooldown.

Q: Wrist Blaster

Fires three energy balls in the direction you are facing. Moderate damage, no knockback. Projectile is small, so aim accordingly. Short cooldown.

E: Blast Off!

Take to the skies for a short time with your jetpack, becoming untargettable by heroes. Allows the use of Crudbombs. Flight can be ended early with the same hotkey/button press and either result causes small damage and moderate knockdown to anyone below landing point.

LMB (While in Blast Off!): Crudbomb

While airborne with Blast Off!, Hippo can drop 5 Crudbombs directly below him, creating puddles of crud roughly the size of a Beer Tower's beer puddle. No damage, but snares heroes caught in them.

Spacebar: Tackle

Rush forward a short distance, doing light damage and minor knockback to any heroes hit.

Ultra: Bombing Run

Takes to the skies, much like with Blast off!, but for a much longer period of time (roughly 10-15 seconds). While Airborne, all of Hippo's abilities are replaced with Strafing Bomb, which drops an instantly detonating mine directly below Hippo for moderate damage and moderate knockback. Bombs have an extremely short cooldown and it is possible to completely incapacitate the entire hero party if they are clustered up. When it expires, it has the same damage and knockdown effect as when you land from Blast Off!.

Burn Phase

When Hippo The Griffon reaches low Health (roughly 20% health remaining), he enters a burn phase, which effectively forces the Dungeon Maestro to go as offensive as he can, as Hippo's jetpack is now malfunctioning, causing him to take damage every few seconds, and causing him to rocket charge at random for moderate damage and moderate knockback. At this point if the heroes can stay alive, they effectively have secured victory as this will eventually kill Hippo the Griffon.

[edit] The Minocow

Shoots milk. Summons Orcs.heals orcs.ultra-utter attack!chops heroes.charges with orcs.

[edit] The Lumber Tree

The Lumber Tree is a large, quite angry Treant who is showing the world just what he thinks of lumberjacks. He uses his Lumberjack Axe to smash heroes with his mighty strength, but this is offset by his fairly low speed compared to other bosses and he is supported by low health moderate damage spinning axes. He has access to the following special abilities.

LMB: Chopping Smash

Your standard attack, smashes his axe into his target, dealing Significant damage and moderate knockback. Very Low Cooldown.

RMB: Log Roller

Conjures a spectral log in front of him and then kicks it, causing moderate damage and knockback to everything in a fairly large line.

Q: Trapping Walls

Conjures four destructible walls around a target location, causes minor damage and knockback if struck by a wall as its made. Log roller will not pass through these walls. Average Cooldown.

E: Axe Seedling

Plants a seedling that wields an axe, it will attack heroes that wander near it. Low damage, low knockback. Average cooldown.

Spacebar: Empower Plants

Empowers seedlings and spinning axes, greatly increasing their damage and knockback. Must channel to keep active.

Ultra: Winds of the Forest

Conjures powerful winds for a relatively long period of time, pushing heroes towards one side of the arena. Useful for trapping heroes against a wall of seedlings when combined with rolling logs. But otherwise a fairly non-lethal ability.

Burn Phase

Upon reaching low health (roughly 25% health remanining) The Lumber Tree will pull out a giant match and set himself ablaze, causing a massive increase in his damage output and movement speed as well as causing him to leave damaging puddles of sap underneath himself. This ability removes access to all of his abilities except for Chopping Smash and Log Roller and damages him every few seconds. If the heroes can survive long enough this ability guarantees their victory as it will eventually kill The Lumber Tree.

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